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Media Matters Behind Stop Rush Campaign

Over the past few days you have probably seen the fake outrage coming from the hypocrites on the left against Rush Limbaugh about his comments directed at feminist activist Sandra Fluke.  I say hypocrites because these are the same people who use names much worse than what Rush did at conservative woman.  Do we need to list all the insults tossed at Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman?

This whole campaign regarding birth control comes directly from the White House via their proxy Media Matters – a far left organization funded by people such as George Soros.  Remember, Media Matters is a tax-exempt organization being used by the Obama administration to distribute hate and Chicago-style thuggery.  I found out today that the person behind the @stoprush campaign is associated with Media Matters, and it all falls into line.

More on him at Google+.

Angelo is contacting sponsors of Rush to have them pull sponsorship’s, which so far some have.  Again, the left is using anything they can to silence their critics.  It’s time to fight back against Media Matters, and loons like Angelo.


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