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Obama Campaigns Anti-Mitt Image Only Helps Romney

If you are on Google+ you might have seen people sharing this image from the Obama campaign.

This is really great considering it really helps Romneys.

1. Get rid of the un-Constitutional Obamacare…..check

2.I don’t know what Romneys plan is for Afghanistan, it can’t be worse than Obamas……check

3.  Sorry Obama, you don’t pay for someone else to keep more of their own money……check.

4. Obamacare takes billions from Medicare, and Medicare not reformed will be bankrupt soon…..check

5.  Get rid of Planned Parenthood and abortion?  This is bad why?……..check



2 Responses to Obama Campaigns Anti-Mitt Image Only Helps Romney

  • American says:

    Obama is a socialists and worse,he plans to take down America and cause race wars and divide the country. I think he has the making of Hilter all over again, he has such a hatred for the white race, I see it in him every time he opens his mouth. I am in fear for my family if this liar and traitor is reelected. He is now starting to go after American for what they say about him, using the socialists and communists he implanted in the FBI.

  • American says:

    Please America vote this unAmerican socialists liar out, or we will all pay the price after he turns America in a socialists cess pool and open up our borders for the Muslims.

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