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Occupy Protests from Their Corporate Products

Today was supposed to be a day of “protests” from the OWS morons who don’t work or contribute to society anyways.  As usual their purpose is to cause trouble and disrupt businesses who are trying to get by in the Obama economy.  OWS terrorists rioted last night in San Francisco and in Cleveland several OWS supporters were charged with planning to blow up a bridge.  Of course the media doesn’t say much about these as they are endorsed by Obama, Pelosi, and democrats in general.

The best part is the hypocrisy coming from this group of lowlifes.

See it, right?  Down with corporate greed – sent from my new iPad!  It’s just hilarious how people are protesting corporations but using all of their products and are probably the first in line to buy new ones when they come out.  Speaking of corporate greed, this is also a promoted hashtag on Twitter which reportedly costs in upwards of $100,000 per day to have.  Supposedly a union paid for it – obviously with union dues.

These people need to get back to their basements, and this movement needs to be classified as a domestic terrorist front.


One Response to Occupy Protests from Their Corporate Products

  • Richard says:

    what does BARACK OBAMA stand for?



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