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Unemployment Goes Up – Thanks Obama Voters!

We get the first jobs report of the New Year, for the last month of 2012 and as it’s been throughout the entire Obama Presidency, it sucks.  Unemployment rises to 7.8%.

Thanks Obama voters for giving us another 4 years of this idiot.


4 Responses to Unemployment Goes Up – Thanks Obama Voters!

  • Fougasse says:

    So, a page from Miss Rand perhaps. What if the Makers go out on a general strike. Why do we provide support to the “cannibals”, the Takers. We can quit and they go away. Wouldn’t it be worth a temporary loss to get rid of them? Won’t we lose everything if we don’t?

  • Randy Ashford says:

    But that’s racist to bring up this failure…

  • jaredj says:

    How is it racist you idiot?

  • The Cerebral Assassin says:

    The government is spose to protect it’s people. But all you people are doing is letting this tyrant fuck us over. And y’all wonder why the American people don’t trust are government. Politicians where trusted and respected , but you can sum them up in one word ( LIARS) . Are four fathers are turning over in there graves as we speak. When all hell breaks lose don’t come running to the other side as far as we are concerned y’all are no better than he is. Letting the enemy right in the front door and gave him a job.

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